productive intuition book


productive intuition book

Join the growing movement of people connecting with their Inner Authority and walking the warrior path of Awakened Leadership

In a world where it's hard to know who to trust anymore, it's more important than ever to Trust Yourself. 


  • Make decisions faster and more accurately no matter what chaos is around you?
  • Trust your gut, your heart and your emotions when evaluating people or opportunities?
  • Achieve your goals and outcomes with less drama and resistance, and with more ease and grace?
  • Feel anchored to your inner compass, internal validation and self-respect at all times?
  • ​Effortlessly get into your highest state of flow, creativity, and productivity?
  • ​Find consistent alignment with your deep, driving desires, and heartfelt aspirations?
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Productive Intuition shows you exactly how to do
all this—and much more.


Like you, I am complex, nuanced, and ever-evolving. Like you, I've experienced personal tragedy and personal triumph. Like you, I seek more: meaning, fulfillment, success, and joy - on my terms. 

I've learned how to achieve all of this by harnessing the incredible power of intuition and connecting with my Inner Authority.

But first, it took a Defining Moment and a crucible.

At the height of my career, I burnt out. I left a high profile executive position and I found myself at rock bottom fearing I would lose the love of my life, my home, my future, and my sanity.

I was fed up with saying, “I knew it!” after bad relationships, health issues, professional roadblocks, failed initiatives, and incessant self-doubt blocking my creative abilities, gifts and talents.  

I made a decision that changed everything. I turned within. 

I discovered a power inside of me that had always been there, like a loyal ally.  And it's the reason I wrote this book.

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I realized that so many things that went wrong in my life were preceded by warnings from my intuition that I did not heed. I was oriented toward external validation and authority. I didn't trust myself.

On the flip side, I also realized that my greatest accomplishments came easily when I acted on the unmistakeable YES impulses. The times I followed my intuition yielded the best experiences of my life. But I didn't know I was doing it.

It was a wild mystery. How did it work? Did I have it, was it an on/off switch, was it a fluke?

I needed to know how to work with my intuition consciously

Taking a holistic approach, I looked at every angle: spirituality, philosophy and metaphysics combined with research into biology, quantum physics and psychology and physical practices like yoga, energy medicine and breathwork. I discovered how to unlock the inner force that fulfills our highest potential

It's not a fluke. It's not even a gift. Intuition is our birthright. 

Confidence, poise, and inner authority quickly became my operating system. I began attracting and manifesting the best situations, people, and outcomes - with zero drama. I was a different person, yet felt more like Myself

Whether you were told that intuition was weird or woo, or you’ve always known that the voice within you is the source of Truthmy heartfelt goal is to show you how to connect with this suite of subtle superpowers, transcendent intelligence and inner authority. 

My sincere wish is for you to live your most empowered life . If I can make such a profound change, you can too. It would be my honor to show you how.
Trust Yourself,

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Productive Intuition is the first book to explore the intersection of science and spirituality through story and the senses to immediately bring you into alignment with your Inner Authority. 

Bridging the seemingly disparate functions of intellect and intuition, you will discover the most incredible sense of empowerment. You will connect into a deep reservoir of strength, faith and trust in yourself that you can call upon for every situation and area of life. 

This book provides a unique and simple framework for integrating parts of yourself you've ignored, suppressed, or forgotten about. By reclaiming them, you unlock and command an unshakeable source of confidence, power, and presence. 

Whether you are practical and intellectually minded, or visionary and creatively inclined, Productive Intuition will bring to light all your latent powers, access your transcendent intelligent and perceptual abilities effortlessly. 

You will discover that you were drawn to this book at the exact right moment, not because of any outside confirmation, but from listening to the voice within you that ‘always knows’. It’s time to give that voice it’s due recognition. 




Unique Framework
simple and easy-to-understand so you bypass doubt and go straight to the source of intuition
Actionable Practices
that create immediate connection to your Inner Authority with easy, life-shifting practices
Scientific Research
plenty of resources and research for you to go deeper into your personal discovery

... And so much more! I poured my heart and soul into these pages and I don't want you to wait one more moment to feel powerful, poised, confident and connected. 


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AdaPia d'Errico is a modern mystic, bold sage and pioneering businesswoman. She is a visionary leader with 20+ years of experience across countries, cultures, and corporate and start-up environments. She has co-founded businesses, launched brands, and redefined industries. Today, she is a partner at a real estate private equity firm and a sought-after speaker.  AdaPia lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband Andrew and their two rescue Frenchies, Ambrose & Juno.
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As a respected entrepreneur and executive who embodies vulnerability and resilience, when AdaPia speaks, people are impacted. Her masterful storytelling abilities catapulted her to viral success when one of her videos on Goalcast reached over 35 million views (and counting). In her first book, AdaPia is coming down from the proverbial mountain to share her most profound insights and personal stories on how she has cultivated her intuition to guide her throughout her unplugged and diverse career. Her heartfelt passion for self-mastery represents a new vision for leadership based on personal sovereignty in service to others. 

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